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Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

Reputation: Top Strategic Risk Concern for Companies

Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

A recent study conducted by Forbes Insights on behalf of Deloitte shows company reputation and the fallout from reputational damage as the number one strategic risk for large companies, surpassing business model and economic trend concerns. The driving factor behind this shift in concern is social media.

The Social Media Opportunity

Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

Utilizing Facebook as a public relations outlet during a time of crisis can improve the overall image and public opinion of the organization in crisis.

Scandal Brings an End to 168 year-old ‘News of the World’

The empire that Rupert Murdoch built continues to crumble a bit as the Murdoch-owned British tabloid, News of the World, remains under fire for allegedly hacking into the voicemail of many public figures and other subjects of its reporting. The 168-year-old tabloid announced that it would shut down amidst the scrutiny and allegations it has […]

Congressman Weiner: What Can We Learn

In a digital age where information can be received and delivered instantly, many fail to realize that it is not as easy to retract–or suppress. So seems to be the case with former Representative Anthony Wiener who found himself at the hands of social media when he “tweeted” revealing pictures to a young female “follower” […]

Target, Best Buy Provide “Lesson Learned” for Corporate World

By Rob Weinhold — As a result of the January Supreme Court decision which allows corporations to contribute unlimited funds for political activities, both Target and Best Buy each contributed $100,000 to a business group in Minnesota called MN Forward. MN Forward is an organization who advances political agendas in the spirit of private sector […]

What do Social Media and the Icelandic Volcanic Eruption have to do With One Another?

More Than You Might Think! by Gina Brelesky It has only been a few years since social media sites have gained wide audiences and already they are playing a vital role in helping organizations respond to crisis. They have been used to coordinate volunteer efforts, spread information, raise money, and save reputations. Unfortunately, not all […]

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