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Who Are Your Stakeholders?

At Fallston Group, we understand that the term “stakeholder” frequently arises in business discussions, yet its significance often extends beyond mere terminology. Stakeholders encompass a diverse group of individuals and entities, including colleagues, employees, business associates, government officials, and community leaders who have a vested interest in your success. These individuals are invested in your […]

Trust and the Media: The Problems & Potential Solutions

Trust and the Media: The Problems & Potential Solutions It began with another eye roll. In a meeting, I mentioned my background as a journalist, and I sensed the smirky reactions. When I first started in the news industry more than 30 years ago, people were excited to hear about what stories I was covering […]

Southwest Airlines Fails to Close Vital Communications Gap

Southwest Airlines is in trouble, under federal investigation and the lead story on most traditional mainstream media news outlets. The real long-term crisis Southwest Airlines faces has nothing to do with the cold front that disrupted flights, caused computer glitches, or created staffing issues. Instead, the real crisis is the failure of leadership to communicate […]

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