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Rob Weinhold

Founder & Chief Executive

Rob Weinhold is Founder & Chief Executive of Fallston Group and a recognized expert in the core disciplines of executive leadership, strategy and communications.

After decades of private and public sector service, Weinhold continued his career mission of helping leaders during life’s most critical times by launching Fallston Group in 2009.

Rob Weinhold

Prior to launching Fallston Group, Weinhold was a member of the core executive leadership team at all three levels of government, notably serving as Chief of Staff for the U.S. Department of Justice, key executive in Maryland’s gubernatorial administration and Public Affairs Director for the Baltimore Police Department. After his public service career concluded, Rob joined Major League Baseball’s Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr.’s executive team in Baltimore, Maryland. Weinhold and his deeply experienced team are sought after experts in reputation management, crisis leadership, organizational strategy and strategic communications.

Rob has been a featured contributor on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC, among many other local, national, and international media platforms. He is a seasoned keynote speaker and the author of ‘The Art of Crisis Leadership.’ Weinhold contributes and volunteers at the nonprofit and community level, and serves on the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School’s Dean’s Advisory Council.

We tend to believe we will be remembered for the good works we do…
More often than not, our legacy is actually defined by who we are and the decisions we make in the face of adversity.

- Rob Weinhold, Founder & Chief Executive

Our Why

By design, Fallston Group’s network consists of both full-time and consultant-based experts who each contribute to the client mission. Our team members are purpose led, passionate, prompt, and effective. What matters most to the client matters most to us. We work tirelessly to restore poise, peace, and hope in the people with whom we partner.

Whether managing the reputation of a business or an individual – our “why” comes down to legacy. We’re driven to help others when it matters most.

Rob Weinhold
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