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Crisis Leadership And Issue Management

Crises are emotionally charged turning points that cost time, money, consumer confidence, careers, and in the worst of scenarios, freedom and lives. In today’s interconnected world, where anyone with an internet connection and a recording device can wreak havoc on your brand, the potential for a leadership and PR crisis looms large. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ crisis will occur, it’s a matter of ‘when’ – are you ready to meet the moment?

Enter the realm of PR crisis management and crisis leadership, where expertise and readiness will make all the difference. 

Fallston Group stands as a nationally recognized trusted firm, having worked with countless leadership teams to navigate sudden and smoldering issues, ranging from data breaches and bad press to social media attacks, investigations, litigations, sex scandals, mismanagement, discrimination, consumer complaints, labor disputes, workplace violence, product recalls, and whistleblower issues, among many, many others. Our action-oriented, deeply experienced team is reactive and predictive, uniquely able to ‘see the whole room.’ We understand crises are about managing the immediate fallout and safeguarding long-term reputation and trust – reputation is your most valuable asset. That’s why we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients at the critical intersection of leadership, strategy, and communications. We know how to help clients maintain control and weather the storm so they can turn short-term adversity into long-term advantage.

At Fallston Group, we firmly believe that in times of crisis, you don’t spin your way through crisis; you lead your way through crisis. The decisions made today will be scrutinized by many for years to come, shaping the narrative of your brand’s resilience and integrity. Again, are you ready to meet the moment?

Our expertise spans a wide spectrum of crises and issues, and we understand the nuances and complexities of each situation, allowing us to tailor our strategies to address the specific challenges faced by our clients. When the stakes are at their highest, when the future is on the line, you do not want a ‘generalist’ to guide you through the storm. That’s exactly why Fallston Group has assembled a deeply experienced team that understands your navigational fix, short-, mid-, and long-term goals, and then charts a course so you arrive safely.

Predictive and action-oriented leaders trust Fallston Group’s uniquely qualified experts to preserve what is most important to their businesses – their people, assets, brands, and legacies. By partnering with us, clients gain access to a wealth of experience, strategic insight, and tactical expertise that empowers them to navigate even the most turbulent waters with confidence and resilience. We are available around the clock because we know clients’ operating and emotional needs don’t turn on and off during working hours. Crises are immersive and exhausting – we advocate for those who’ve lost their way, and their fight when everything they’ve ever worked for is on the line and the stakes are at their highest. 

In the realm of crisis leadership, preparation is paramount. It’s not enough to simply react when disaster strikes; proactive planning and readiness are essential to mitigating risk and minimizing the impact of crises on your organization. Fallston Group offers comprehensive crisis preparedness services designed to equip leaders and their teams with the tools, training, and resources they need to effectively anticipate, manage, and recover from crises of all types. Forward-leaning leaders understand the value of ‘digging the well before they’re thirsty.’ 

Our approach to crisis preparedness is grounded in a deep understanding of modern businesses’ unique challenges and vulnerabilities. We begin by thoroughly assessing your organization’s risk profile, identifying potential areas of exposure, and then developing tailored strategies to address points of vulnerability. From there, we work closely with your leadership team to develop customized crisis response plans, protocols, and communication strategies that align with your organizational goals and values. We will ensure you are in a more defensible position. 

However, preparedness is not a one-time effort; it requires ongoing vigilance and refinement to remain effective despite evolving threats and challenges. That’s why Fallston Group offers continuous monitoring and evaluation services to ensure your crisis readiness and preparedness efforts stay current and responsive to changing circumstances. By staying ahead of the curve, you can minimize the likelihood of crises occurring and maximize your ability to respond effectively when they do. Crisis readiness is a growth strategy! 

In an age where leadership decisions are judged with a vengeance by the court of public opinion, the value of effective crisis leadership cannot be overstated. By partnering with Fallston Group, you will ensure that your organization is prepared to weather any storm, emerging stronger and more resilient on the other side. Don’t wait until crisis strikes – invest in your organization’s future today with Fallston Group’s comprehensive crisis preparedness services.

Remember, the true test of leadership is not how you handle success but how you navigate adversity. With Fallston Group by your side, you will confidently lead, knowing you have the expertise, support, and resources needed to turn crisis into opportunity.


Fallston Group’s in-depth Reputational Risk Assessment identifies organizational points of exposure then prioritizes mitigation strategies based on internal and external marketplace risk. Our methodology is clear, comprehensive, and actionableeffective as we work tot dramatically reducereducing your points of exposure.

Crisis Leadership And Issue Management
Crisis Leadership And Issue Management


Issues of sensitivity, adversity, and crisis must be diagnosed quickly with a high level of certainty and predictability. We consider every nuance so decisions made today positively impact your organization for years to come. We build your roadmap quickly, understanding the fluidity of every situation. Understanding the players, their varying points of view, and many spheres of influence is critical. We specialize in understanding all motivations as we work toward favorable, long-term solutions. Leveraging existing and emerging networks is key; experience, intuition, and relationships matter.

With laser sharp focus on the solutions and an optimal outcomes, we partner with clients to chart their course through any conditions. And we pride ourselves on ensuring that they arrive on the other side bigger, faster, stronger than they were before the stormcrisis hit.


Once you’ve effectively navigated the crisis, position your organization to reap the long term benefits of reputational equity and build on them. From coaching to organizational development and planning, we help clients emerge from adversity poised to thrive and grow. It may sound counterintuitive, but we believe crisis can be a growth strategy.

Crisis Leadership And Issue Management


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