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Police Commissioner Right to Wait Before Releasing Shooting Information

Rob Weinhold – Principal, Fallston Group *Former Chief Spokesperson for Baltimore Police Department Some have criticized Baltimore Police Commissioner Fred Bealfeld for not releasing information about the controversial police-involved shooting this past weekend in a timely manner. The early morning incident, which resulted in an off-duty plain clothes police officer being shot and killed by […]

Safety First; Personal Safety Tips for Women

By: Rob Weinhold According to the USDOJ and CDC, nearly 2 million women are physically assaulted annually in the United States and 15%-20% percent of all American women report a sexual attack or rape at some time in their lives. And, because many sexual assaults go unreported, it remains clear that many more women are […]

When Your Company Confronts a Crisis, Here’s When to Call a Cop

Examiner.com – Article Submitted by Gerry Hanlon (November 17, 2010) Recently an angry relative of a patient at Johns Hopkins Hospital shot a physician and barricaded himself inside. The tense standoff that resulted lasted for several hours while news media gathered around (and even flew above) the hospital. For insight into the way Johns Hopkins […]

Brett Favre – Is His Reputation in Serious Peril ?

by Chris Catterton Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has built a reputation as one of the toughest players in the NFL, playing nearly 300 games consecutively without succumbing to injury. For the better part of two decades, Favre has held firm against opponents who have battered and trampled him but failed to stop him from […]

Armed Security is the Best Defense

by Frank Barile The shooting at Johns Hopkins Hospital again brings the concept of workplace violence into focus. By all accounts, those charged with tactically handling this situation did a great job, but this incident is one of hundreds which occur in organizations around the world each year. In this post 911 world, private and […]

Target, Best Buy Provide “Lesson Learned” for Corporate World

By Rob Weinhold — As a result of the January Supreme Court decision which allows corporations to contribute unlimited funds for political activities, both Target and Best Buy each contributed $100,000 to a business group in Minnesota called MN Forward. MN Forward is an organization who advances political agendas in the spirit of private sector […]

What do Social Media and the Icelandic Volcanic Eruption have to do With One Another?

More Than You Might Think! by Gina Brelesky It has only been a few years since social media sites have gained wide audiences and already they are playing a vital role in helping organizations respond to crisis. They have been used to coordinate volunteer efforts, spread information, raise money, and save reputations. Unfortunately, not all […]

Workplace Violence Advice

Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

by Rob Weinhold A safe work environment is paramount to everyone in the workplace and should be the first priority of leadership. The recent workplace shooting at the Emcore Corporation in New Mexico highlights the pervasive dangers faced by all business owners and their employees each day. This tragic situation left ten people shot and […]

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