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Armed Security is the Best Defense

by Frank Barile

The shooting at Johns Hopkins Hospital again brings the concept of workplace violence into focus. By all accounts, those charged with tactically handling this situation did a great job, but this incident is one of hundreds which occur in organizations around the world each year. In this post 911 world, private and public sector organizations that house or convene large numbers of people must rethink their security strategies. Security personnel must be better trained and equipped to handle violent crises that are associated with both active shooter and bomber situations (those who detonate explosives on their persons). There is no question the security landscape now is more ominous than it has ever been; and, an armed, immediate response is, at times, the only response that will truly stop an immediate threat of violence before real damage or loss of life occurs.

Without an immediate armed response, unarmed security personal run the risk of becoming a liability.

In my opinion, security entities must routinely recruit educated individuals who are both physically and mentally fit to be armed. Without an immediate armed response, unarmed security personal run the risk of becoming a liability which further adds to the complications of an emergent situation. Generally, a workplace violence incident takes less than a minute to unfold which is not nearly enough time for a first responding police department to engage and stop the threat. Therefore, the only way to truly prevent loss of life during an active shooter situation is for on-site security personnel to take action. And, in order for the security personnel to be effective, they must be trained & armed or they too run the risk of becoming victimized.

Recruitment, policy making and training are critical.

Security departments must implement new strategies for the 21st century – recruitment, policy making and training are critical. I would encourage every organization to evaluate their policies as no one expects the worst to happen, but it can at any moment. Leaders must ask themselves if their workplace is really protected; if not, take action now before it is too late. The cost associated with these expenses is small compared to the potential cost of liability, or worse, loss of life. Contact the Fallston Group at 443.690.0765 to learn more.

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