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Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

5 Quick Tips for Building the Ideal eNewsletter

Creating brand awareness can be a difficult task for many professionals. There are, however, strategies that can be implemented to improve this task, an email newsletter being one of them. Distributing an eNewsletter is a cost efficient way to reach your target audience, keeping them in the loop with your company’s offerings and its culture. Below are five quick and easy tips for creating and implementing an eNewsletter worthy of sharing with your audience:

1) Build a targeted list of contacts

Start small. Add the names and emails of close colleagues, friends, family and clientele (with their permission of course).  Then expand your list by offering to add people you meet at networking events, through mutual relationships, etc. during follow-up emails and conversations. Also, adding a “sign-up for our eNewsletter” section to your website will greatly expand your audience, in turn building brand awareness.

2) Implement a strategy

Develop a plan for your newsletter; when and how often it is sent (e.g. monthly, quarterly, holidays). Create a theme for each newsletter. Even though the look and feel may remain similar, adding fresh content will keep your audience guessing and anxious to receive your email.

3) Video, video, video!

People want video, plain and simple. Shoot or select a video that fits each newsletter’s theme, and showcase it front and center on the page. Since the Fallston Group has implemented video to its eNewsletter strategy, we’ve not only seen a spike in emails opened, but now 48 percent of our contacts that open our email click our video. SHOW your audience who you are and what you’re offering.

4) Drive business and personality

Tell your story and what you do, sure, but remember to add a little personality to each newsletter. Not everybody is anxious to read the boring “here’s what we can do for you” pitch after each distribution. Showcase your team, be humorous, but tie it all back to your business’ core values.

5) Analyze metrics after each distribution

This is very important. After each newsletter is distributed, analyze the statistics. See what content is getting hits and what isn’t. This is the tell all when creating your next distribution. Digital metrics are fully measurable, unlike print, and lets you know what you may want to remove or add more of the next time around.

Email newsletters are an excellent way to share your business and its offerings with your audience. It’s cost efficient, allows you to blast events and other company announcements, drives website and social media traffic, and ultimately expands the overall audience and awareness of your company.


For more information regarding brand awareness, do not hesitate to contact the Fallston Group at 410.420.2001 or by email at info@fallstongroup.com.

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