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Building Strengthening & Defending reputations
Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

7 Qualities of a Great Leader

A leader is someone with exemplary character. Whether it be your boss or team lead at work, sports coach, or someone who helps guide people through life’s daily tasks, a leader must display certain traits that earn them the respect of their followers. We’ve listed the seven key characteristics that all great leaders share:

1) Honesty

The backbone of any successful organization is built around honesty, and honesty starts at the top. A good leader must display honesty, being open with their team. An honest leader will have a positive, meaningful effect on their entire supporting cast, in turn bringing everyone closer together.

2) Loyalty

A leader should not only believe in his/her unit, but make it known that no matter what, they have the backs of their team members. Showing loyalty will make your followers not only respect you, but excited to follow you through thick and thin.

3) Passionate

A leader must be passionate, plain and simple. How can you lead others when you aren’t excited about what you do? You can’t.

4) Exceptional communication skills

Communication is another essential trait to the backbone of successful companies. Open and smooth communication makes it easier for a message to be given and delivered from top to bottom of any organization.

5) Confidence

A leader must show confidence in his/her team. Displaying a certain level of confidence in team members will boost moral throughout the workplace. High moral leads to sound work habits and positive results.

6) Able to delegate

Being able to delegate tasks, depending on individuals strengths will make the day to day routine go much smoother. Remember, a team needs a leader, and a leader needs a driven supporting cast that they can depend on.

7) Fearlessness

Entering unchartered waters can be a scary thing, especially in business. A good leader will accept change, and not be afraid to lead their team through it. Optimism of the leader can play a huge role in change, and spread that fearless throughout team members.

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