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According to USA Today, last year was the deadliest year for mass shootings in more than a decade. One could even deem 2017 the deadliest year for mass shootings in modern U.S. history: two of our country’s five deadliest mass shootings ever occurred in the span of just 35 days. As the new year approaches, it is essential your company is prepared for the worst – it is not negotiable.

Fallston Group believes not all training is equal and real-world experience is what truly matters; this is especially true when it comes to active shooter training. When your organization is searching for active shooter training, take time and vet the instructors who will provide the actual training.

Key questions to ask before booking an active shooter training:

  • Are the instructors certified to teach?
  • Specifically, are they certified to teach active shooter response strategies?
  • What body are they certified through?

Finally, ask for the bios of the instructors teaching the class. You want the “best in class” to protect your most important asset – your people.

If your company is ever sued for liability after an active shooter event occurs on your property, you can be assured the jury will want to know everything about the training you provided. Don’t just put a check in the box by putting your people through the paces with unqualified instructors.

Fallston Group’s instructors have been certified nationally through the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) since 2001 in Active Shooter Response, and have taught military, law enforcement and private sector organizations for more than 18 years. Additionally, we have operational experience dealing with real-world active shooter events. Make certain your organization is trained by qualified experts who know how to save lives and provide an important level of defensibility in court – not only is it your responsibility, it is the right thing to do!

To learn more, contact Fallston Group at 410.420.2001 or info@fallstongroup.com, download our active shooter training information and visit https://fallstongroup.com/

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