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Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

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ESPN has finally grown tired of Curt Schilling’s act. The worldwide leader in sports terminated the baseball analyst and former Red Sox great from their crew after yet another social media blunder, this time aimed toward the bathroom rights of transgender individuals in North Carolina.

The law in North Carolina keeps transgender individuals from using bathrooms that do not correlate with their gender at birth. Schilling, without a sense of discretion, responded to a Facebook post that referenced the law with this:



Now, you could sort through each comment on this chain and find many more vulgar and descriptive comments than Schilling’s. But while Schilling, a World Series MVP, six-time All-Star, likely future Hall of Famer, and ESPN employee, he is also a repeat offender. Some of you may recall this:


This happened in 2015 via Schilling’s Twitter account; he was suspended by ESPN. So, following the pitcher’s most recent tirade, ESPN responded promptly with this:



Crisis costs time, money, customers and careers, and usually in that order. With that in mind, here’s how it played out –

One – Schilling paid a hefty price for his reckless approach to voice his overbearing opinions on social media despite being under the “professional athlete” AND “repeat offender” microscopes. The cost? Time – check. Money – you bet. Customers – the folks from the transgender community, certainly. Career – check.

Two – ESPN’s prompt action to terminate Schilling; ultimately showing a leadership moment in that the company wasn’t going to risk a reputational hit due to the foolishness of an individual within. We applaud.

America is a very forgiving society. It’s when you think that you can continually slip-up and say sorry that people turn their backs. It appears ESPN has made its final call to the bullpen on Schilling.


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