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Learn the ins and outs of Twitter and why it's an important tool for businesses and consumers they want to reach. Read our blog to find out more.


Twitter is an online platform that allows users to broadcast a short message to other users across the globe. It has become a primary resource for online news and social networking and primarily caters to a male audience. As a social network, Twitter relies on the basic concept of followers. The more people you follow, the more diverse your news feed. For businesses, the more followers, the larger the audience of influencers and decision-makers you can reach. So, you can see why Twitter is such an attractive platform for business. Before your company starts Tweeting, Fallston Group wants you to know some of the basic rules of the road and best practices to make the most of your audience interaction.

How Does It Work?

Twitter allows users to engage by providing a platform for sending and receiving short messages. Think of it as the highlight reel on ESPN. Instead of reading an entire article, you can quickly scan your ‘feed’ and determine what is of interest to you. Many Tweets include a hyperlink so you can easily read more if you so desire. Users find someone or something of value and begin ‘following’ them. From that point forward, they are able to see the Tweets that person or company sends out.


Since Twitter is a popular platform for customer feedback and complaints, it can provide unique insight into how your customers (and your competitors) are thinking or behaving. There are also a variety of platforms that can ‘listen’ to social media feedback for you and compile data for consideration.

Zero Cost.

After you establish a following or audience on Twitter, it costs nothing to broadcast a message to them. So, it’s an easy way to keep customers updated, promote brand loyalty, create engagement or launch a new product.

Want to get started your company started on Twitter? Fallston Group has created “A Guide to Social” with quick tips for preparing, posting and promoting your content on social media! Download your free guide today or contact Fallston Group directly.

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