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Congressman Weiner: What Can We Learn

In a digital age where information can be received and delivered instantly, many fail to realize that it is not as easy to retract–or suppress.

So seems to be the case with former Representative Anthony Wiener who found himself at the hands of social media when he “tweeted” revealing pictures to a young female “follower” on the microblog, Twitter.

With a slip of the mouse, Weiner’s pictures, intended to be private, were made public. When not careful, this is extremely easy to overlook as all Twitter posts are public by default.

This is not the first time a public figure’s carelessness has been displayed on sites such as Twitter.

The end results can be career-crippling.

Weiner’s resignation serves as a reminder to us all that in 2011 it is becoming increasingly easier to broadcast yourself, and it is important to be aware of the image we are broadcasting. A fleeting lapse in judgement cause catastrophic consequences to one’s reputation, and ultimately career.

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