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Crisis Calls for Taking Care of You, Too

Well-respected and well-liked leaders tend to be those who put the needs of others ahead of their own. They are the leaders who shine exceptionally brightly during times of crisis. They take extra steps, every day, to make sure their people have what they need. They answer questions openly and honestly, provide direction, and offer healthy doses of encouragement and hope, too. They rally people together. They lay in bed awake, late at night, thinking of how they can better support their people. Then they wake up in the morning and act.

But, it’s important for those same leaders to also take a serious pause, and think about their own health, wellness, and needs, too. They also need to be able to carve out time in the day to sit down for meals, exercise, and get a good night’s sleep. Self-care is always important, but its even more essential during times of crisis, when the scope of work changes and stress levels are peaked.

Yes, I am talking about you.

COVID-19 has changed everything about the world we live in.  We are all adapting and adjusting every day. The future is less certain than it’s ever been before. The unknown is scary, especially for leaders and business owners. Taking care of yourself will go a long way in helping you maintain focus, strike a balance between realism and optimism, and stay in the game, mentally. Remember, those people who need your support right now are going to need it even more as the world eventually transitions back to some form of normalcy.  Stay well. It’s one of the most important commitments you can make right now, as a good leader.

Remember, our collective strength is our ability to stay in the game!

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