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Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

Destructive Rioters Must Be Held Accountable

Baltimore must hold those accountable who hurt others or destroyed property. Follow these cases and make certain that 30-60 days later in court there is not a simple court disposition that lets everyone off the hook because we are “past the emotional moment.” There are so many video accounts of innocent people and businesses getting hurt and destroyed – work to identify, arrest, prosecute and confine these “antagonists.” They tried to incite riots, steal from people and destroy what small businesses work so hard for – make a living, serve their communities and feed their families. Saturday was outrageous on so many levels – criminals tried to strike fear in people and intimidate those around them, these are innocent people who trusted and tried to support the economy of this city.

I applaud the folks who want to be heard peacefully (their right to do) and their many attempts to deter criminal behavior. And, I applaud the incredible composure maintained by so many who wear the uniform – it is despicable the way these brave men and women have been treated, verbally and physically, and I seriously hope each officer knows the overwhelming majority of our nation supports and understands the most difficult job they have. For all of us who depend on the thin blue line, please maintain your focus and oftentimes thankless work – remember, those who cross the line are attacking you because of the uniform you wear, not the person of sound character you happen to be.

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