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Learn how to track the effectiveness of your social media with analytics. Read our blog to find out what you should be focusing on.


When your business utilizes social media to reach your target audience, you’ve taken an important first step. But, how effective is your social media? Is one platform working better than another? Do you have more engagement with certain posts? Why or why not? Fallston Group is here to help with four tips that can help you monitor and track your social media efforts so you can spend your time more effectively!

  1. Engagement.  How engaged is your audience? Do they like, share or comment on your posts? Is your message meaningful? Are you providing your target audience value? Measuring the engagement of your interactions is critical to your social success.
  2. Reach.  Analytics can help you evaluate how many people potentially saw your posts. This could include your fans or followers as well as the number of impressions or times your post appeared in a newsfeed. One of the most important analytics you should be monitoring is the amount of traffic that is being funneled to your website and/or landing pages from social media. There are a variety of tools available to help you gather analytics. In addition, firms like Fallston Group can help you analyze the data and adjust your social marketing plans accordingly.
  3. Leads and Conversions.  If you’re spending money on any type of marketing, you want to understand the Return on Investment (ROI).  So, your CRM should be able to help you understand how and where your best leads and sales are coming from.
  4. Customer Satisfaction.  When you’ve done a great job, social media provides an easy way for customers to praise or review you. This not only builds credibility but can enhance your SEO efforts as well. Although social media can provide an easy way for disgruntled customers to complain as well, consider this an opportunity for you to show them, and other customers, how quickly and effectively you resolve customer complaints.

Does your company need help navigating the world of social media?  Fallston Group has created “A Guide to Social” with quick tips for preparing, posting and promoting your content on social media! Download your free guide today or contact Fallston Group directly.

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