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Emergency Plans: Training and Execution

Implementing emergency safety plans in the workplace is just the first step in protecting your company and its employees. Continuously practicing the execution of these plans is what will drastically lessen a company’s chance of becoming tragically affected by an emergency or crisis.

All companies should implement emergency safety plans for evacuation, shelter in place and active shooter situations, with specific tactics to properly execute each. Following these plans and practicing them monthly is what prevents chaos when emergency strikes. Utilize the following general steps to ensure proper execution of these critical emergency plans.

Evacuation (Commonly fires, but also any internal threat requiring employees to evacuate for safety)

  • Have a functioning audible alarm system installed that can be heard by everyone inside of the building
  • Map out routes for egress from each room/location inside the building, leading to a safe exterior destination
  • Exit the building in an orderly, but swift and non-panicking fashion
  • Arrive and remain in the designated safe location outside of the building
  • Wait until the building is safe to re-enter, entering orderly

Shelter in place (Natural disasters or weather-related emergencies, putting the building in “lockdown” mode)

  • Stay inside, do not evacuate
  • Find a safe, stationary surface (floor) and get as close to it as possible
  • Take cover, using nearby desks/tables as shield from falling objects
  • Hold on to something stationary (e.g. a pole, wall)
  • Stay away from elevators, escalators, staircases, balconies and anything that could lead to injury by falling
  • After threat is over, exit building cautiously, if necessary

Active shooter (Protecting employees from a gunman or physical threat)

  • Recognize threat in a timely fashion
  • Find nearest room/area with lockable doors
  • Lock all surrounding doors immediately
  • Keep out of sight from windows/doors
  • Keep quiet and dial 911

For more information regarding safety and security practices and plans, do not hesitate to contact the Fallston Group at 410.420.2001 or by email at info@fallstongroup.com.

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