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Building Strengthening & Defending reputations
Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

Fallston Group Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

As I reflect on my business life this holiday season with yet another year gone by, I am grateful for everyone who has helped make our company a success. In fact, Fallston Group celebrated its fifth anniversary this past November and we are indebted to everyone who helped make this 2009 idea a corporate reality. In particular, my family, co-workers, clients, vendors and the many mentors who imparted a piece of sage advice along the way. Fallston Group is still young and making its mark; I feel good about our future as we work to build, strengthen and defend reputations each and every day. Now, a few interesting facts:

  • Fallston Group was founded in November 2009 after a lot of introspection; there was clearly a marketplace gap and opportunity. The company name was agreed-upon over an “Eggs Benedict Breakfast” at the Double-T Diner in Bel Air, Maryland.
  • First “World Headquarters” was in my dining room, located next to the kitchen. And yes, each time I hopped on the phone, someone would plow through the kitchen and start banging pots and pans, causing the dog to bark! Needless to say, I realized I needed an office quickly.
  • “World Headquarters” moved to its current Bel Air location in early 2010. Now, we had a real office to operate from!
  • First client – Atlantic Remodeling Corporation.
  • Clients served – nearly 100 and counting.
  • First full-time team member – Joe DeFeo.
  • First intern – Aditi Kaji, a wonderful UMBC student.
  • First intern converted to full-time team member – Josie Hankey.
  • First winner in the weekly putting contest – Paul Bailey.
  • First on-staff chef – Tim Weinhold.
  • First collegiate, team captain athlete to join team – Jess Bieber (no relation to Justin).
  • Company mascot – Old English Sheep Dog.
  • Favorite team activity – yes, we are foodies.  

Looking ahead, we have much more to accomplish and many more goals to achieve.

One last reflective thought I want to share during this holiday season. During the past few years, I lost both of my parents, my Mom to cancer and Dad just a few months ago – they were both relatively young. I must recognize and thank them for all of their support to get me to this point in my life. They have always been loving, respectful role models who clearly provided the foundation for their children to grow while learning to be independent. While we have lost two of our greatest supporters and cheerleaders, I know they are both looking down in admiration of the work our team continues to do for others. For that, I am eternally grateful.

My very best to each of you and your families during this holiday season. May your 2015 be one of much peace and prosperity.


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