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Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

Four “Don’ts” When Responding to Crisis

Ravens running back Ray Rice was indicted Thursday on one count of third-degree aggravated assault, stemming from an altercation between him and his fiancé, Janay Palmer. Rice has yet to make a statement or confront the media since the February 15 incident in an Atlantic City casino. Ignoring the press is the number one “don’t” when handling the aftermath of any crisis. Below are four “don’ts” that not only individuals should follow, but also companies when faced with times of crisis or adversity:

1)      Don’t Ignore the Press

While it may seem easiest to lockdown and hide until the storm passes, it is never a smart strategic move in business. Ignoring the press can make your business appear guilty, unsympathetic, or cowardly, negatively impacting its reputation. By confronting the crisis in the media, your business will demonstrate control and progress, providing comfort for your stakeholders.

2)      Don’t Release Confidential or False Information

During a crisis, information is demanded by your stakeholders, the press, and your employees. This demand can appear to be overwhelming, seemingly pressuring you to release information, just to release it. Releasing information that is untrue or confidential can compromise an investigation, make your business appear unprepared, and put your business’s and your own reputation on the line.

3)      Don’t Compromise your Values and Ethics

A crisis does not suffice as an excuse to defy the values and ethical standards you have set for your company. Once the crisis is addressed and resolved, your values and actions will play an even stronger role in your business’s foundation. Maintaining a high level of ethical standards for your business will help strengthen your brand and help prevent future crisis related occurrences.

4)      Don’t Panic

Despite the pressure, keeping calm and making ethical and strategic moves are the best tools for navigating through a crisis. Remaining calm will reiterate your strong leadership capabilities and will help to gain the trust of those impacted.

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