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Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

In Remembering 9/11…

On this very day, 12 years ago, our nation experienced a tragic series of attacks that forever changed our world. The devastating attacks of 9/11 are a moment in time that every American will always remember. To this day, we all look back and can pinpoint our exact location as the news spread. Our reactions, the devastation, the pain and those who lost their lives remain in our hearts as we live on. The Fallston Group joins America in remembering and honoring the innocent lives taken from us that day, the brave souls of rescuers and responders, and the courageous men and women who continue to protect our nation from outside threat.

As a response to these attacks, national security is at its highest ever. Each day, government officials and agencies progress to initiate new and higher levels of security for the safety of America’s citizens. Although we can only plan for so much, it is important that business owners recognize the possibility of crisis at any moment. We suggest employers evaluate current safety and security procedures while continuing to implement new measures where needed.

One addition to workplace security policies that must be established, if not already, is a segment dedicated to workplace violence. The Fallston Group provides services to help businesses in the safety and security process. We offer the following steps in building and implementing your workplace violence policies:

  1. Assess: As a business owner, your first course of action is hiring a professional tactical team to evaluate the current safety and security environment in your workplace. A safety and security audit focuses on assessing every policy area from physical security and personnel to technology and communications.
  2. Plan: Following the assessment or audit, our expert team at the Fallston Group will direct the reshaping of current company policies and the necessary additional procedures. The planning process offers employers a safety and security strategy that will guide the formation of such procedures as emergency action plans, active shooter situations, disaster preparedness and more.
  3. Train: Once a strong, cohesive safety and security plan has been established, employers must provide adequate education and training in each area to all employees. Training is key in ensuring employees understand how to recognize a crisis or emergency and what to do if one should arise. Fallston Group safety and security training encompasses a wide spectrum of services. In the case of workplace violence, our experts provide insight to active shooter and emergency action plan training.

As we continue to remember the tragedies that occurred on 9/11, we must also consider our safety and security in the present. If you or your company would like advising on safety and security practices, please call the Fallston Group at 410-420-2001.

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