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Relentless Training: Key to Success

Fallston Group’s Frank Barile instructs cadets during a recent training exercise.

Recently, Fallston Group’s Frank Barile and associate Buddy Johnson helped tactically ​train cadets from West Point Military Academy. It is clear that under duress, all of us react in the manner with which we were trained. This is incredibly true for the many brave men and women who risk their lives to protect ours, both domestically and internationally. Whether a member of the military, law enforcement or first responder community, in the absence of relentless training to standard, organizations in all sectors are doomed for failure.   ​

There is an old saying in the training circles; it goes, “Amateurs train until they get it right. Professionals train until they cannot get it wrong​.” Regardless of who takes credit for this terrific insight, it is true. Crisis costs time, money, stakeholder confidence, careers, and in the worst case scenarios, lives. Don’t delay as you never know when your team will need to meet the moment.

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