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Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

School and University Safety

As students venture off to a parent-free world, they are no longer under the safety blanket their parents provided them. In addition to furthering their education, students become primarily focused on the idea of freedom and being able to make their own decisions. It is the responsibility of school leaders to ensure student safety. Students and their families are counting on a strong school administration consisting of professionals who are capable of handling a crisis, should one arise.

No matter the organization; stakeholders rely on their leaders to provide a safe environment. Whether a parent, school principal, boss or the President of the United States, all leaders are responsible for identifying the most efficient and effective way to solve a crisis. However, this doesn’t mean they have to figure it out on their own. If an issue should arise, instead of relying on one’s own instinct, the smart decision would be to utilize a specialist you can trust.

Unfortunately, crisis can – and inevitably will – occur. Difficult situations usually happen when we least expect them to; thus, it is very tough to predict when a problem could arise. “Providing a safe place to live, work, and raise a family is the first order of leadership,” says Rob Weinhold, Principal of the Fallston Group. Students work (and sometimes live) at school; therefore, school leaders must keep student safety as their first priority.

Leaders should take the following steps to ensure an organization is best prepared for a crisis:

  1. Conduct a proper assessment of the organization;
  2. Develop policies and protocols and communicate these to all stakeholders;
  3. Implement regular training;
  4. Perform random practice drills to retain “muscle memory.”

Many organizations have a crisis plan but are not prepared to use it. The Fallston Group has strategic law enforcement and military experience to provide strategies and action plans to ensure a safe work environment for every stakeholder. The Fallston Group team also consists of high-level communications experts that focus on implementing the newest and most effective technologies into a plan that is fit for each organization’s specific goals.

A social media crisis management plan is one way the Fallston Group recommends that school and university leaders implement to help promote the safety of their students. The majority of students are heavily engaged in social media activity on a daily basis. This understanding supports the idea that social media is the optimal way to communicate to students before, during and after a crisis. The infographic below from OnlineColleges.net illustrates a social media crisis management plan.

The Fallston Group provides helpful assistance and training when it comes to dealing with a variety of issues. We will guide your organization through adversity and crisis, providing educated recommendations every step of the way; so the decisions you make today are the right decisions that stand the test of time.

Work with the Fallston Group; we can help you protect your people, secure your assets, and strengthen your brand.



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