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Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

Spring Training in Full Swing on the Diamond and in the Office

Players, coaches, employees and executives are all gearing up as Opening Day is just around the corner. “Spring training” is not only the time baseball and softball players prepare for their upcoming season, it is also time for businesses to reflect on quarter one. So, make those necessary roster changes and tweak the playbook to ready your team for the remainder of the year. Here are four ways to make sure your business gets the most out of its team in quarters two, three and four:

1) Set your lineup

Administering office tasks to employees is just like determining your batting order and position line-up. Make sure your clean-up hitters are handling a heavier and more sensitive workload than your utility players. The rest of your line-up can then be strategically positioned around them. Do the same in the field; if you have two team members that work closely together, and have a unique chemistry, make sure they’re close-by in the office and easily accessible to one another. Just like a shortstop and second baseman, be able to turn that inning-saving double play!

2) Gear-up

Make sure your team is equipped with everything they’ll need to get through the long grind of a season. Providing timelines, tasks, proper equipment, uniforms, etc. will make sure your team is ready for every single pitch. From cleats to computers, a Keurig and your favorite pair of M Frame sunglasses, be sure you have everything you need on deck this season.

3) Know the pitch count

Prioritize your company’s workload. Know which tasks are pressing and which ones you can put on the back burner. The last thing you want to do is chase a 2-0 curveball in the dirt when you know the next pitch will be a fastball right down the middle!

4) Rob your competition of a homerun

Set your outfield at proper depth when the other team’s clean-up hitter steps up to the plate. Make sure if your competitor lets one fly, you are prepared to make that spectacular leaping grab, to save the game and potentially the season. Trust your defense, but be prepared for everything.

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