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The 5 “Don’ts” of Social Media

Social media is more powerful than ever; not only does Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn provide the opportunity for news to spread like wildfire, but like it or not, your following and engagement rate on these platforms define your company’s digital reputation. There are countless articles recommending what to do to get the most out of your social media experience, but we’ve come up with five “don’ts” when it comes to enhancing your social presence.

1) Don’t overload

Key message points and suitable material are what keep your audience engaged. Strike that perfect balance between barely staying relevant and overloading your following with useless posts. Remember, quality not quantity, that’s what’s important.

2) Don’t mass post

All-in-one social media dashboards that let you blast the same post to every single social media outlet, yeah, don’t fall victim to their flashy charades. Each outlet serves its own purpose and has its own audience. Relay each message to the appropriate platform, don’t be “spamy.”

3) Don’t post without a schedule

Get to know which time of the week your audience tends to engage. If you know that lunchtime on Tuesday leaves your posts with little to no activity, wait until Friday’s pre-weekend social media rush to post that blog you’re so anxious to share.

4) Don’t be broad

Form an opinion, ask for feedback and develop a call to action. We’re not saying it’s in your best interest to stir up controversy, but going against the grain a bit is a great way to get the conversation going. Be honest and ready to converse.

5) Don’t be text heavy

People want to see, not read. Develop a strategy that is mostly visual. Sure, some text is needed at times, and there’s nothing wrong with linking a post to a blog or other text-heavy links, but the bulk of your content should be visually interactive.

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