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Top Crisis Leadership Expert Authors Book to Help Leaders Turn Adversity into Advantage

“The Art of Crisis Leadership” showcases real-life crises, from the Ray Rice scandal that engulfed the NFL’s Ravens to the deadly shootings at Virginia Tech and the tragic Baltimore riots, to illustrate key learning points that will help companies and individuals alike during life’s most difficult times.

In today’s high-stakes and unpredictable business climate, where reputation is critical, understanding how to prepare for, navigate through and recover from crisis is vital to the longevity of any company, brand or organization. This year, a new book hit the shelves designed to arm business leaders with the essential tools to succeed in this arena. “The Art of Crisis Leadership,” written by Fallston Group Chief Executive Rob Weinhold and co-authored by New York Times best-selling author Kevin Cowherd, shares secrets and strategies gleaned from decades of work in the highly specialized field of crisis leadership.

A former Baltimore police and U.S. Department of Justice executive who during his career has appeared on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and many other national, regional and local media outlets, Weinhold expertly discusses, among others, data breaches, social media attacks, natural disasters, financial distress, sex scandals and political vendettas — and how to both prevent and overcome them.

“I’ve seen crisis cost too many people their time, money, customers, careers – and in the worst case scenarios, lives,” said Weinhold. “Do we need to look any further than Flint, MI., Johnny Manziel or Chipotle? In these increasingly uncertain and litigious times, when anyone with a recording device and Internet connection can wreak havoc on your brand, the issue is not if a crisis will occur, but when.”

Each of the book’s 17 chapters highlights a real-life crisis, many told directly by the individuals who experienced them. Coupled with Weinhold’s key takeaways at the end of each chapter, “The Art of Crisis Leadership” is a must-read tool to understand the many challenging nuances of successfully managing adversity or crisis. The lessons learned are universal.

“Rob Weinhold has captured in this one book what it took me 28 books to communicate to CEOs,” said founder of CEO Clubs International, Dr. Joseph Mancuso, in his advanced praise of the book.

Co-author Kevin Cowherd reflected, “Rob is a guy whose entire career has been dedicated to helping people. Teaming up with him on a powerful book that could help folks at the lowest point of their lives was one of the most satisfying projects I’ve ever undertaken.”

Weinhold is available for media interviews, editorials and as a media resource on key crisis leadership and reputation-based issues. Weinhold has conducted thousands of media interviews during his storied career and is routinely called upon by local, regional and national news outlets to lend crisis leadership and public safety perspective.

Press review copies are available by request. Please contact Kathy Walsh at 410-420-2001 or kathy.walsh@fallstongroup.com to request a copy of the book or interview. Learn more about “The Art of Crisis Leadership” and order online at Amazon (Hardcover, ISBN 978-1627201124, $25.99) or https://www.apprenticehouse.com. Join the crisis leadership conversation online using #TheArtofCrisis, #Leadership, and #movement.

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