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World Record Holder Carl Reese

Transcontinental record holder Carl Reese joins Rob Weinhold in the 14th installment of Fallston Group’s 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit to discuss what it takes to complete a passion-oriented mission. Tune in to hear how Carl’s leadership helps him as a business owner and world record holder.

About Carl Reese
Carl Reese is an endurance driver. In 2015, Reese set more transcontinental records than anyone since Edwin “Cannonball” Baker. Reese and his team set seven world records in an 11-month period, most notably the Solo Motorcycle “Cannonball” Record from Los Angeles to New York in 38 hours and 49 minutes. Reese was born in Mercer, Pennsylvania and now resides in Pine Mountain Club, CA. Reese is currently working on a full feature documentary, “Iron Riders: History of Motorcycle Records.”

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