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“Seven-Year Itch” Lands Fallston Group a New Look for 2017

The growing reputation agency unveils a complete rebrand as part of an investment in the future

Just over seven years after it was founded, Fallston Group, the Baltimore-based, global reputation agency, is unveiling a new logo, tagline and website its founder says better reflect the firm’s strengths, capabilities and futuristic view.

According to Chief Executive Rob Weinhold, Jr., 2016 marked a period of reflection for his firm, which he jokingly refers to as a “seven-year itch” because it coincided with Fallston Group’s seventh business anniversary. As part of a comprehensive rebranding process facilitated by an independent consultant, the Fallston Group team engaged in a series of exercises to identify how to best represent the company’s identity, goals and vision for the future. Nearly 100 clients who worked with Fallston Group over the past seven years were surveyed about their experiences, resulting in what Weinhold calls Fallston Group’s “report card.” The word cloud pictured below reflects client responses and highlights the trustworthiness, responsiveness, knowledge base and professionalism of the Fallston Group team.

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Fallston Group has continued to thrive in a seemingly difficult market. Weinhold credits the agency’s business model which operates at the critical intersection of leadership, strategy and communications. He says, “We’ve seen strong annual growth since our inception. With a move to a larger office space in Baltimore, the addition of key hires, a book launch and the investment in our new brand assets, we are hopeful 2017 will be a very strong year.”

The new brand includes a new logo, tagline and website inspired by internal and external input alike. The new logo alludes to the power and agility of a tiger, as well as to the firm’s “tiger team” approach of bringing together a diversified group of experts for a single unified purpose. While members of the team may focus on different verticals of the business, Weinhold says they share the common goal of building, strengthening and defending reputations, each and every day, making “The Reputation Agency” a fitting new tagline.

Fallston Group Director of Marketing Kathy Walsh further explains why the new tagline is particularly appropriate. “According to research, up to 80 percent of a company’s marketplace value is tied to intangible assets such as brand and reputation, which is why it is equally important for Fallston Group to focus on strengthening its own brand and reputational equity, as well as that of our clients.”

According to Walsh, the new website better reflects the unique mix of services the firm offers its clients today. “Fallston Group has always been well-known and respected in the fields of crisis leadership and PR,” she explains. “But many people don’t realize our deep expertise in strategic marketing and outsourced CMO services, which are becoming more vital than ever in the constantly changing world of digital, video and content marketing.”

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