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Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

Executive Accused of Sexual Assualt

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Background – An organization contacted the Fallston Group after a key executive was accused of sexually assaulting and harassing an employee of the opposite sex. The concern revolved around the proper management of the situation from a human resources, leadership and communications standpoint as this very sensitive issue had both operating and legal ramifications.   Strategy […]

Reputation Attack Via Social Media Channel

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Background – An international nonprofit organization contacted the Fallston Group due to the professional and personal reputations of its key executives and Board members being tarnished anonymously by people via social media outlets. The attacks accused organizational leaders of financial mismanagement, gross misconduct and malicious behavior. As a result, key stakeholders, including investigative/oversight bodies, were questioning the […]

Public Company Quickly Focuses on Crisis Planning

Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

Background – A prominent public company contacted the Fallston Group because leadership felt exposed and unprepared if there was a crisis of any magnitude in any of the seven generally accepted crisis categories – natural disaster, technological, confrontation, malevolence, organizational misdeeds , workplace violence, business relations (media, HR, lawsuits…).   Strategy & Results – Fallston Group members […]

Partner Fallout Spins Law Firm Into Crisis

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Background – As a small law firm grew, the two founding partners realized their management and customer service philosophies were more divergent than initially anticipated. This lack of alignment ultimately led to a great deal of tension which was routinely spilling-over and negatively impacting both staff and clients. In fact, the two partners had grown so angry […]

Professional Baseball Team Signs Jose Canseco, Taps Fallston Group to Handle Media

Background – The business side of the Minor League baseball industry views the Minor League experience as affordable family entertainment. Communities want competitive baseball in family-oriented venues where folks can enjoy America’s pastime and be entertained at a fraction of the Major League cost. The revenue lines in this business revolve around ticket sales, sponsorships, food […]

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