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Executive Accused of Sexual Assualt

Background – An organization contacted the Fallston Group after a key executive was accused of sexually assaulting and harassing an employee of the opposite sex. The concern revolved around the proper management of the situation from a human resources, leadership and communications standpoint as this very sensitive issue had both operating and legal ramifications.


Strategy & Results – Immediately, the Fallston Group met with leadership and key employees to fully understand the facts as they occurred and were reported. Once the facts were discovered, the policies and guidelines of the company were evaluated so leadership could evaluate its options with the offending employee while providing proper relief for the person assaulted. Key legal and leadership opinions were considered then the Fallston Group made a series of human resource recommendations which ensured the company abided by the law and reduced exposure for the entity and employees impacted. Because this was a prominent executive, the Fallston Group worked with leadership to arm them with the proper message points while communicating with staff and other relevant stakeholders. Additionally, a plan was created in the event the incident was leaked to the news media. The Fallston Group continued to work with leadership to provide proper executive perspective and counsel on the handling of the many operational, training and communications-oriented issues that arose as a result. The company has now changed its approach in dealing with issues of sensitivity which has had a positive impact on its culture and team performance.

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