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Building Strengthening & Defending reputations
Building Strengthening & Defending reputations

Public Company Quickly Focuses on Crisis Planning

Background – A prominent public company contacted the Fallston Group because leadership felt exposed and unprepared if there was a crisis of any magnitude in any of the seven generally accepted crisis categories – natural disaster, technological, confrontation, malevolence, organizational misdeeds , workplace violence, business relations (media, HR, lawsuits…).


Strategy & Results – Fallston Group members met with all executive team members and performed a Crisis Audit. During this time, each team member was given an opportunity to talk about what “kept them up at night” outside of driving sales and advancing their mission. In other words, what were the very real concerns that could disrupt business continuity and derail the company from its operating and financial mission? After conducting the Crisis Audit, the findings were presented to leadership and the many exposure points were prioritized. As a result of the prioritization, the Fallston Group engaged to create the policies and protocols surrounding crisis communications, product recall and IT disaster recovery plans. Once the plans were created in concert with organizational representatives, training and simulations were held to fully prepare employees for a real event as everyone must know their role and how it is vital to the overall success of managing crisis. The Fallston Group currently sits on the organization’s crisis team and continues to provide counsel while working to reduce additional points of exposure. The entire process begins with a Crisis Audit as leadership has a responsibility to its many internal and external stakeholders.

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