The Coxswain Metaphor – A Lesson from the Ultimate Team Sport

In the stern of every 4- and 8-oared rowing shell sits a person called the coxswain.  This person is the brains behind the brawn; the on-water coach; the decision-maker; the leader. This person is responsible for race strategy, the safety of the crew and equipment, and ultimately, for ensuring that every single rower knows exactly […]

Male Student Success Initiative Making a Difference in Young Lives

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Bottom line…the Community College of Baltimore County focuses on the improving the success rate of their male students and some renewed funding has given the program new life!  The Male Student Success Initiative (MSSI) is a network of support for students who attend the Community College of Baltimore County. The initiative consists of men of […]

Peloton’s Lack of Planning

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Amid the height of COVID in 2020, Peloton’s stocks skyrocketed and increased by almost 440%. While many consumers were investing strongly in at-home workout machines, Peloton continued to advance its business goals by producing more, creating a wider variety of product, and making business decisions for 2021 and the years so come. Ah, the power […]

The Inner Journey of Authenticity in The Age of Resignation

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During the course of my executive coaching, I assign my clients a book by Parker J. Palmer Ph.D, entitled “Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation. The significance of this reading assignment is that the author captures introspective insights that are very applicable in connecting with one’s self-awareness and authenticity, which is […]

Smoldering Vs. Sudden

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Bottom line – Protecting your company’s valuation depends on how well you are prepared to face the court of public opinion. Crisis happens to everyone. The difference is those who are prepared to address smoldering issues proactively can prevent them from erupting.  When done well, you can turn short-term adversity into long-term advantage.

How to Be a Sound Leader During Difficult Times

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As I approach four decades of leading organizations under challenging circumstances in numerous leadership positions, in both the private and public sector, I can assure you that challenges, obstacles, and difficult times are inevitable.  Being a good leader during times of ‘smooth sailing’ is easy, but when a crisis occurs, that’s when your leadership skillsets […]

5 Strategies for Successful Crisis Leadership

Fallston Group | Five Strategies for Successful Crisis Leadership

by Rob Weinhold, Chief Executive of Fallston Group When it comes to crisis, it isn’t a matter of if but of when. Having an effective crisis management strategy in place is critical not only for weathering the storm but for rebuilding as quickly as possible afterward. These five strategies will help you minimize damage and […]

Resilient Leadership: BP and its Fallen Leader

Photo May 04, 8 13 11 AM

A Perspective about BP and its Fallen Leader by Rob Weinhold When we learned of the Gulf oil explosion in April 2010, the loss of life coupled with the hourly projections about environmental fallout was disturbing enough. However, to learn that BP had no real crisis plan or immediate solution to deal with this type […]

Crisis Expert Rob Weinhold Launches National Keynote

Rob Weinhold, author and chief executive of Fallston Group, the Baltimore-based, global reputation agency, today announced a new national keynote speaking campaign, “Crisis is a Growth Strategy,” including the launch of Weinhold’s brand-new website, Over time, Weinhold has been relied upon to lead, manage, coach, teach, interview, keynote, conduct workshops and train a variety […]

Crisis is a Growth Strategy!


Our team has been referred to as crisis leadership experts, operators and chief reputation officers. Nearly all the companies we’ve worked with want the same thing: for us to help them maintain control and weather the storm. That’s their definition of winning: to survive the crisis. But after decades helping people during life’s most critical […]